The Politics of CGI
BLOOM is a decentralized renderfarm to make production of visual narratives accessible to a broad audience. Current visual media is saturated with Computer Generated Imagery (CGI), some images are meticulously crafted towards 'photorealism' to stay undetected. Our project specifically looks beyond CGI in entertainment. Rather than Pixar animations we are interested in the visual culture that is rendered and impacts the everyday. In 2014 75% of the Ikea catalogue was not composed of photographs taken of hand crafted set designs but rather renders images of synthetic models arranged in 3D software. Production of such imagery is reliant on enourmous amouts of computing power and/or time. This is not available to everyone. The use and development of Computer Generated Imagery is as a result limited to who has access to computing power or the resources to pay for renderfarms. BLOOM is an experiment in decentralising render farms by clustering dormant GPU, built into everyones devices, into one accessible image machine.

A project in development by Yannick Gregoire & Simone C Niquille as part of Sandberg@Mediapark 2019.